Monday, October 24, 2016

Praying for The Upcoming Election

We are on the downhill slide for a new administration. I am not going to argue politics here. Each candidate is a broken and sinful person just like the rest of us. Each of them have made promises that most likely will not be able to keep. Each is vying for our attention. I have never seen in my life the nastiness that Christian brothers and sisters have shown toward each other over a candidate who will most likely be criticized the moment they step into office(no matter who it is).

I think it is time to stop the ugliness and start praying for our next president. Neither of them is going to bring this country "back" to what we think it once was. Only Christ can do that....not a president. If we say we are followers of Christ, we must recognize that if we put our hope in a human being, we are ALWAYS going to be disappointed because they will never be able to fulfill what only Christ can do. And that is "heal our land."
Here is an excerpt from a friends blog post. He is a pastor in NOLA but from Alabama. He has some good words to say and if you want to read the whole blog post, I would encourage you to go to this page and read.…/god-giving-christians-unique-oppo…/

Here is the excerpt you can read now and ponder this week. THIS is true for Montgomery, for Alabama and for our nation.
Let us determine: We will be faithful.
1. We will do everything without grumbling and arguing. (Phil 2:14).
2. We will strive to be blameless and pure. (Philippians 2:15)
3. We will hold firmly the message of life. (Philippians 2:16)

When we do these simple, but increasingly difficult things, we will gradually see several things: the culture around us puzzled as to how to treat us, some Christians attacking us for not being more active in opposing the wrong-doers, and one by one, people in the darkness recognizing that the way of darkness holds nothing but misery and there must be a better way. And one by one, some will turn to us and come to Christ.
Let us be faithful.

It is THAT simple but so difficult because we, as human beings, are broken, stubborn and rebellious. But IT CAN BE DONE...through submitting to Christ and saying "thy will, not mine."
Will you choose to be faithful in Montgomery, AL today?

Pray for our city, our state, our nation and our world this week.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sam's Angel Market

We have prayed for poverty in the Greater Montgomery area over the last 8 years.  this week as we pray for those who live in poverty, here is a way you can be actively involved in helping give a hand up and not a hand out! 

Here is a way for any of our "pray-ers" to be involved in either gathering toys or volunteering.. Our next orientation for this is Tuesday, October 25th at 6p.m. Heritage Baptist Church.

For more information, contact me and I will tell you more! Hope to hear from you!
Lisa Rose

Watch and see how God works!